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Welcome! I see myself as an ambassador and a conduit to those who wish to explore this world with me in my restaurant, Il Mito Enoteca, and at my Culinary Studio and Chef's Counter, Chef Michael Feker's School of Culinary Magic! I also try to be your voice on my TV and radio shows.

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My Passion

A Home away from Home

To educate and empower my Fekeroodies so that they can live a happy and healthy life, teaching the whys of cooking not just the how.

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My Reward

Your return to the table, whether mine or yours. And that due to my teachings and simplifying the complicated unknowns you enjoy the art of cooking.

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My Mission

To get you back to the table and eating healthy with your family and friends, making new memories together.

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My Style

You may have heard this but do not fall for it unless it is proven to you. I Take great fresh and pure ingredients and through my knowledge of the fundamentals allow the beauty of the ingredients do their magic while I enhance them with my flavors and accents.

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